What can eighty6 do for you

Stop manual order taking and save time

Make it simple for your customers to order online. Provide an easy-to-use app that allows customers to conveniently place orders instead of contacting you via phone, email, fax or WhatsApp.

Stop missing orders and reduce mistakes and errors

Eighty6 enables you to place orders and maintain special prices with your current suppliers as well as provides you access to a Marketplace with a large network of suppliers to negotiate with and order from.

Integrations, Data & Insights

Both if you use a centralized ERP system, or rely on less integrated tools, you will need a partner that could enhance your IT infrastructure and provide customer-centric data insights and metrics.

Supplier Journey

Every supplier is unique, so we provide a tailor made approach to provide value to each one.


We study a solution tailored for you


We connect your ERP with our platform seamlessly


We train your Sales team to generate more revenues


We help you onboard all your customers

Increase your profit with less
work through eighty6

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