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Eighty6 launches AI Inbox for F&B suppliers and wholesalers

Digitize all your orders with no effort!

Eighty6 AI Inbox is changing the game, automatically creating digital orders from whatsapp messages, voice notes and emails. This means your sales people can now handle 20x times the orders every hour, all done automatically and in real time. Imagine processing over 500,000 orders a month with Eighty6!

No more slow, manual order entries from whatsapp, voicemails or emails. Now, they're instantly digital and ready to handle without needing extra hands. This solves a big headache in retail.

"Eighty6 speed things up and now, with Eighty6 AI Inbox, we're hitting fast-forward. In just two weeks, suppliers can go fully digital – a process that used to take years.

Eighty6 AI isn't just a win for suppliers; it's a leap for the whole industry, making processes smoother and boosting profits.

Our AI is super easy to start using, and our team is here to help every step of the way. This is just the start of our journey to bring more AI solutions to improve how suppliers and restaurants work," says Abdul Kader Saadi, CEO and founder of Eighty6.

Currently, many retailers are stuck manually entering orders, which can't be done outside business hours or without staff. With Eighty6 AI, orders via email or voicemail automatically sync with the retailer's ERP system, and both parties get an instant order confirmation.

This automation means you can process all orders automatically, without needing more staff and freeing up their time to more efficient tasks, like selling.

Increase your profit with less
work through eighty6

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