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Bridging The Gap Between Restaurants And Suppliers

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In an ever-changing world, restaurant management certainly isn't easy. You have so much to account for, right from maintaining your lease terms to looking out for your staff. One of the most time-consuming processes is getting your inventory right, and restaurants hire resources and invest in outdated technology just for this.

Meanwhile, top-of-mind suppliers are also finding it difficult to reach a wider range of restaurants. While they might have lists and the manpower to reach out to various branches, communication might fizzle out eventually and it might get difficult to decipher constantly changing trends.

In comes eighty6, an app and virtual marketplace that was designed specifically to facilitate a seamless procurement management process. With eighty6, restaurants never run out as they are connected to a wide network of suppliers. Ordering management for restaurants done through eighty6 changes the procurement landscape and bridges the gap between suppliers and buyers.

With several top-of-mind suppliers such as Almarai and Admiral affiliated with eighty6, restaurants can expect high-quality deliveries at every turn.

Here's how eighty6 strengthens a restaurant's procurement management process:

Restaurant Inventory and Procurement

Using advanced yet super easy-to-use technology, eighty6 aids the procurement and ordering management system for restaurants in just a few clicks. Buyers can view the list of vendors, place orders, track them, and more, all under one roof. Meanwhile, top suppliers such as Almarai or Admiral can not only showcase their catalogue on eighty6 but can reach out to thousands of buyers with a single touch.

Minimizing Costs with an e-procurement app

As we bridge the gap between restaurants and suppliers, we also help buyers streamline the entire procurement process. This in turn saves time, resources and keeps operating costs low. Moreover, there's no paperwork involved and every piece of data is stored in one place.

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Time efficient restaurant ordering system

Time is a precious resource for any restaurant and a faulty ordering system for a restaurant can waste precious hours. Normally, when chefs run out of essential items, they have to go through a lengthy process and stocking up takes ages. With Eighty6, the whole process becomes far more efficient as suppliers are only a click away.


Suppliers and buyers can be in constant touch. A chat function facilitates easy communication and enhances the procurement management process. The eighty6 team is also available 24/7 if restaurants or suppliers face any difficulties. Assigned teams can also be managed on the app, where managers check schedules and facilitate tasks.


For suppliers, one of the most tedious tasks is data entry of received orders. Ensuring that their inventory list and orders are up to date is easily manageable on the eighty6 app. Furthermore, if they want to promote offers or updated catalogues, there are options on the app that reach the right restaurants at the right time.

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